University of Melbourne

Upclose (University of Melbourne)

Up Close is a fortnightly audio talk show of research, opinion and analysis from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


The Newsroom is a Media and PR site and a central contact point for general media inquiries and story ideas from the University, as well as for requests for comment from academics and researchers.

Melbourne University Alumni Magazine

The web version of the annual University Alumni Magazine.

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

The MSSI mission is to progress sustainability as a societal goal, in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We achieve this by being a portal to sustainability-related research at the University of Melbourne, and a platform to facilitate multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research.

Indigenous Health Ethics Network

The Indigenous Health Ethics Network promotes research that is ethical, culturally appropriate, and benefits the community.


Voice is the newspaper of the University of Melbourne. It is published monthly and is distributed on the University’s campuses, published as a supplement to the Age on the second Monday of each month and is available online and by free email or hard copy subscription.

Each month Voice explores a major social issue in which University academics and researchers contribute to public debate. Voice also contains research news, informed opinion and analysis, alumni news and profiles, stories on student life and activities, Arts reviews and previews, sport, previews of multimedia programs and listings of Public Lectures and other events.

Community Indicators Victoria (CIV)

Community Indicators Victoria provides a community wellbeing indicator framework with local level data.


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